Wardrobe Closets – An Overview

If you are planning a home remodeling project but do not want to build a closet because your budget is limited and you want to have the option to restore a room into its original state, then wardrobe closets are what you need.

A wardrobe closet is portable and freestanding so you can move it in any room, from bedroom to garage, kitchen or laundry. It also comes in various styles, designs and sizes that you will have no difficulty in fitting it on a corner or along the wall and matching it your other furniture.

They are a perfect solution for getting additional storage space at a lower cost. Check out the offerings with discounted prices from different online retailers. Here are some for your consideration.

Savannah 6-Door Tower:

You can create more space with this storage tower constructed from solid hardwood and grained maple veneer. It features adjustable shelving and shutter-style panels. It measures 72 inches in height by 31 inches in width by 14 inches in depth. Color options are walnut, antique black and white.

Wood Wardrobe/Closet With Sliding Door:

Beijing Youbrothers Science and Commerce Ltd. Co. is offering this wood wardrobe closet constructed with particle board. The material for frame, sliding door and rails is aluminum magnesium alloy. You have a choice of the door material-melamine or PVC board and a combination with artistic cloth or rattan knitted work. The closet, under the brand name Dainty, is flexible in style, making it perfect for different building styles. You can customize the wardrobe according to your requirements and needs.

Double Door Storage Closet:

The Wantong storage closet from Fu’an Wantong Textile Product Co. Ltd. is available has a modern style and available in white color. It is constructed with solid wood and provides the convenience of D-style zipper double doors. It features breathable fabric cover which allows your clothes to stay fresh, easy to access exterior shoe storage with nine pockets and solid wood frame. The product dimensions are 80 inches by 20 inches by 63 inches.

Wardrobe Closet from Foshan Enmei Home Decoration:

This closet has MDF or finished plywood shelf. The drawer style is solid wood dovetail or plywood and the hardware such as drawer slides, hinges, handles and shelf pins are made of quality materials. Color options are grey, yellow, red, white and maroon. You can order the size, detail designs and style according to your specifications and requirements.

Large Antique Solid Oak 2 Door Armoire Wardrobe Closet:

This solid oak wardrobe is constructed with antique solid oak. At the center of the armoire is a large beveled mirror and at both sides are closets with shelves. Each closet door has a beautiful an ornate raised panel with carving. It measures 80 inches in height by 64.25 inches in width by 19.25 inches in depth.

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The Importance Of Quality Fittings In The Home

When building or renovating, the goal is generally to construct the very best home for yourself and your family to live in. Unfortunately, much of the effort and money for such construction is poured into things that may look great, but are rarely functional, or built with quality in mind. One of the most often overlooked aspects of a dwelling are the smaller fittings, such as door handles, locks, hooks, hangers and even hinges. It is very unwise to neglect such items, as they are in heavy use every single day.

Below are a few reasons why you should spend the extra cash on quality fittings for your new build, or renovation, will be explained.


If you went around your house right now and actually took stock, you would be truly amazed at the sheer number of handles within a standard home. Entrance doors, interior doors, cabinets and cupboards all have numerous handles. It pays to remember why these handles are there – to make it easy for you to access things! Cheaply made or poorly designed handles can actually be very difficult to use. Often, handles are fitted due to looking good, rather than being ergonomic and easily grasped by human hands.

When choosing door handles for your home, it is next to useless to simply purchase from a catalogue. Instead, you need to get a feel for the handles you are going to fit. They should sit naturally into your hands and open easily. Just imagine yourself having to use them in the dark, or when tired and base your decision not just on looks, but how easy they are to use.


One of the most important things for your home is security and good quality locks are your first line of defence. Quality locks are much more durable and resistant to attempts to illegally enter the premises. It is crucial that you only choose quality locks and other security fittings to ensure the safety of your family.

Hooks and Hangers

Hooks and hangers in the home are the most common in bathrooms and bedroom wardrobes. Far too many people cheap out on these fittings, using very brittle plastics. Nothing is more annoying than hanging a towel, only to have a hook snap off under pressure. This results in constant replacement of these fittings. If quality hooks and hangers had been fitted initially, this entire process would not need to occur.

Hinges And Brackets

Even more obscure and misunderstood, is the function of hinges and brackets used for doors and cabinets. These items are under constant use, with these doors being opened and closed countless times every day. Over the life of a hinge, it may experience thousands of cycles of use. Because of this heavy usage, it is important that you invest in quality from the very beginning. You will be surprised at the difference quality hinges and brackets can have in the functionality of doors and cabinets.

For more information, or to view a range of quality home fittings, you should visit a specialist shop in your area.

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DIY Fitted Wardrobes – Functional and Stylish Space Savers

DIY Fitted wardrobes offer people an elegant answer to their storage quandaries. If you are living in an aged home or you are in a tight budget then perhaps you don’t have the extravagant built-in closet. DIY Fitted wardrobes are very costly for the reason that they are custom and built-in unlike some freestanding closet where you just purchase them at the mall and deliver immediately at home. In order to benefit from one of these means to spend more money but will really allow you to make the most of your space in the room. For any houses that may have angled ceilings, these types of wardrobes are a must to save a lot of storage space.

One important reminder is to choose first-class quality DIY fitted wardrobes because this is the main point of your whole room. You want the size of it to be big. It should be a lot bigger than your filing cabinet for example. Choose one that has nice wood grain on it preferably matching the grain of your bed frame. This complementing appearance is why it’s vital to go to a more advanced design that mimics old-style cabinetry. This old-style look is nice because it can use a lot of moulding. The color white is a typical crowd pleaser. You can always pick the best choice standard moulding at any hardware shop and turn that into something special.

If you’re not a fan of the old-style look then consider a modern type that features sliding doors. Primarily when made to order, this type can be very luxurious and there will be additional costs to consider. Occasionally you can also get some items at malls that quite reasonably but not customizable. Another style of the modern DIY fitted wardrobe could have glass doors that are covered either with metal or wood edges. Black frosted glass can also obtainable depending on your budget. In this circumstance, the room will look more fashionable, decent and shiny and is a main and turning point of every home-owner.

Be certain that your DIY fitted wardrobe must work and fit within the design of your home. If your home is a contemporary type, then a luxurious dark glass fits in this situation. If your home is like a country home, then perhaps choosing wooden wardrobes would be more suitable to fit the space. You could even change to straps of elephant hide to cover around the handles for a really countryside kind of appearance or you can also decorate with faux finishes to look more fashionable. Regardless of your home style choosing some metalwork adds a nice touch especially when it comes to hinges.

It’s important to invest proper time and effort over your different choices. One innovative way to do is to integrate open shelving. DIY fitted wardrobes with open shelving will let you display some of your fashionable shoes. You can even add lights. You can hang your sculpture. Whatever creations you can think of, just make sure that you leave more storage space to make it a fine-looking component in your room instead of just being purposeful. This wonderful piece of furniture contributes a big part to character and appearance of the room where it will reside.

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4 Key Reasons For Choosing Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

If you want a smart way to store and organize clothing items, something customized specific to the space and your needs, bespoke fitted wardrobes are the ideal choice. The word bespoke means “made to order” or customized. Obviously, having a closet designed specifically for you, means getting exactly what is going to serve you best. For this, you could choose one that is freestanding or buy a built-in system. Once the wardrobe has been completed, the manufacturer would install hardware to enhance the look, followed by installing the unit.

Reason 1

Closet systems such as this offer tremendous benefit. For starters, once these are installed, they actually look like an expensive piece of furniture. Because the closet design would be customized, you would have the opportunity to choose from a variety of wood species and other materials. As an example, if you wanted something that looked rich and elegant, mahogany, cherry, teak, and bamboo are simply gorgeous. On the other hand, if you preferred a more casual design, then you might consider red oak, walnut, or even pine. Then to complete the aesthetics, you would need the right hardware and even consider a mirror wardrobe door for added convenience.

Reason 2

Another benefit of the bespoke type of freestanding or built-in closet is that manufacturers can offer ideas for fittings regardless of space. Often, storage systems are used because the bedroom or bathroom does not provide a traditional closet or adequate space to have one created. Let us say that you had a bedroom in an attic, which featured a pitched room. With the slant on both sides of the room, it would be impossible to go out and buy just any wardrobe. Instead, with a customized armoire, the design would be in such a way to work with the slant.

Reason 3

Then, with virtually hundreds of hardware choices, as well as a large selection of finishes, there are an infinite number of possibilities. With systems such as this, you would have a choice of sliding or hinged doors. Typically, the size and configuration of the space would dictate which option is chosen. For instance, in a situation of limited space, doors that slide on a track would be the best option whereas the hinged option provides a more authentic look.

Reason 4

Finally, bespoke fitted wardrobes can be designed with a number of different features. Remember, this closet is being custom built for your needs so take advantage of having so many choices. As an example, if shelving were important, the designer could incorporate rotating, fixed, or adjustable shelves. If you needed additional shoe storage, the unit could be built with a shoe rack or if you needed a sock or underwear drawer, one or more could be added.

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Organizing With Contemporary Fitted Wardrobes

Contemporary fitted wardrobes are a great way to utilize space in the home, especially when there may be awkward corners or closest space that may otherwise not be used. If there is a constant struggle to keep closets organized, or there is not enough room, a fitted wardrobe is a perfect solution.

When using such a custom built wardrobe, there are many possibilities. There can be a combination of hanging clothing, drawers, bookshelves, or even a desk working area. In addition, these fitted wardrobes are not one size fits all. They can easily be customized by color scheme, theme, building material (different varieties of wood, metal, plastic), and how the space is being utilized.

Before investing in one, decide exactly how the space is going to be used. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1) Is it for clothing storage, office storage, craft supplies, etc.?
2) Also, decide how tall and wide it will be. Will it take up the entire area or only part of it?

Such information will help determine the style of the space and its functionality. They will be useful when meeting with a fitted wardrobe designer or when designing one independently.

Another great advantage to contemporary fitted wardrobes is that the price is very flexible. The price can range from an expensive custom design with an individual to assist in the design process to going to the local hardware store and building one independently. Some designers are even flexible to work within the budget given. Many such wardrobes can be taken apart when moving, or if you prefer to leave them behind, they can add to the value of the home when it is sold.

Bespoke wardrobes are advantageous to any home. Once one is installed, the original space will look much larger than before because no space is spared. They utilize space more effectively, add value to the home, and can add organization to an unorganized area.

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Loose Fitting Pants

These pants come in many styles and fits for work and play. They come in two types of materials; denim and canvas. Loose fitting pants are a great choice to have in any work wardrobe.

Loose fit canvas carpenter jeans are great for those needing extra pockets and places for tools. These pants sit below the natural waist giving added comfort around the mid section of the body. Loose fit canvas carpenter jeans are loose fitting in the seat and thigh area giving a more fluid body movement. This is great for those that do a lot of bending and climbing at work. The durable hammer loops on the side of the pants are reinforced for those that need an extra place to hang a hammer or other tool, in order to keep the hands free. The canvas materials that these pants are made out of are mid weight ring-spun canvas. The leg opening of these pants fit over many types of work boots.

The Men’s Series 1889 loose fit jeans have been field tested for strength and durability. They are made out of heavyweight ring-spun cotton denim and sit below the natural waist. The hand sanded finish on these loose fitting adds a unique look and style to these jeans. They are loose fitting in the seat and thigh area of the pant. These loose fitting jeans also feature antiqued copper finish hardware such as rivets on the pockets adding to the unique style. The two back pockets are reinforced and the seams are all triple stitched for added strength and durability. The large 20-inch leg hole opening can fit over many styles of work boots or shoes.

The loose fit men’s jeans are built to be strong and durable. They are made out of heavyweight cotton denim. These jeans sit below the natural waist and have more added room in the thigh and seat for extra comfort. The back pockets are reinforced so tools stay put. The leg openings are large and easily fit over many work boots and shoes.

Loose fit pants are a wonderful option of those that would like more room in the seat and thigh area. Having more room in this type of pant gives many more freedom of movement. This is especially helpful when working on those jobs that require lots of bending and climbing. Loose fitting pants are a great addition to any work wardrobe.

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What Kind of Computer Hardware Will You Need For Your Future Virtual Reality Living Room?

Virtual Reality technologies are moving ahead as fast as most of the modern day science like alternative energy, BioTech, Nanotech, Super Computers, or Artificial Intelligence. Not too far off into the future you will be able to sit in your living room and eating your dinner and drinking red wine sitting at Jesus’ Last Supper, you’ll be able to blast off with the Space Shuttle, watch the Roman Gladiators in a 2200 year old stadium or sit down with the past President of your choice for coffee. All in virtual reality and it will be so real, you’ll forget where you actually are.

So, what technologically advanced hardware will you need to accomplish this, what sort of computer hardware will your living room have in it? Well, you’ll have a few holographic projection units, several large flat panel screens of very thin material which will double as your wallpaper. You will have a special scent machine that will deliver the aroma that fits the scene; I hope you are not planning on milking cows in your virtual reality living room, peeyooo!

You will also have a modern day sound synthesizer with something similar to today’s surround sound units. The first generation of this highly evolved technology will include helmets and a good amount of augmented reality technologies. But the later versions will not require the cumbersome helmet display units. Of course, to truly be authentic, you might want to brush up on your foreign languages, which you can also learn full immersed in the foreign city of your choice while learning at home.

Lastly, you will want to have a cool wardrobe of clothing that can camouflage itself for the scene. Indeed, you will become a character in your own virtual reality movie. You can be anything, go anywhere, live any life, without leaving home. Pretty cool isn’t it?

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